“As I began this Monday morning, as I have since 1989, taking for granted that when I turn on the switch to my computer that the Sage Microsystems’ QuickTouch system is ready for another day. Sure enough without fail, she’s ready!"

"There has never been a day that I regretted installing this system in my business. It has far exceeded my expectations and continues to help me operate an efficient business. From the daily walk in customer, fleet accounting, inventory control, employee tracking, customer history and central office, it is there without fail."

"I can count on two hands the times needed for tech support. When I have called in, usually within minutes someone is on the line to assist. I have found that in most cases the problem is operator error."

"Since we converted to the QuickTouch system about a year ago, it has moved us to another level of efficiency in our operation. Because of the system’s ease of use, I require hands on operation by all of my employees. This not only enables each of them to check in customers and run estimates, but in doing so, they sense more ownership and help to improve customer relations."

"Thank you for over 20 years of partnership in a system that goes without saying, but I will anyway, is the best in the marketplace!”

Robert Hoover, Owner
Kwik Kar
Athens, TX

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