“In my opinion, these are the THREE biggest advantages to using the SAGE Microsystems’ QuickTouch POS system over all the rest:

1. Ease of training new employees. With our old system, it used to take us anywhere from 3 hours to a full day or more of training to completely understand our computer system. Now, with the SAGE QuickTouch system, it is only minutes since it’s so simple to operate – it just makes sense.

2. Use of integrated Manufacturer’s Specifications. We use the computer to illustrate recommended services to the customer. The QuickTouch system gives a visual on the service, the item price and the total. At check out time, having the touch screen and the Service Review Checklist makes the customer feel that we did more than just change their oil and ask for the money. We use the Service Review Checklist as an opportunity to answer questions, explain the services and even position additional services that we and/or the customer might have forgotten to ask about. Our two stores operate between $75-$85 ticket averages. Your system has helped our hood techs in their presentations.

3. SAGE Microsystems’ outstanding customer service. When we call in with a problem, the SAGE customer service representatives are great to work with. They immediately inform us of the severity of the issue and then coach us through the steps necessary to get back up and operational. No one likes to have a problem, but when you do it is great to have confidence in the person you are working with. If you know nothing about computers, the SAGE Customer Service Rep comes down to a workable level that makes the person calling feel at ease. Sometimes it’s hard for techs to come down to that level but SAGE does. And does it well.

In June 2003 we purchased a second store that we operate as a separate corporation. We evaluated all systems available and my management team decided that there was no reason to own any product other than the SAGE QuickTouch system.”

Rick Bliss, Owner
Kwik Kar
Hurst, TX

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