The value in selecting the right management system for your business is having the confidence that the system will be installed easily and will operate reliably and efficiently over time.

Today, business owners understand that the value in purchasing a true turnkey solution is much more than new software features or the benefits that automation will bring to their business. It is also about the support and related services that will ensure your system gets implemented quickly, is easy to learn and use, and will serve your changing business needs well into the future.

At SAGE Microsystems we feel that the purchase of your SAGE QuickTouch system is just the beginning of the partnership between our two companies. SAGE offers several service, support and upgrade programs specifically tailored to meet your needs.


Guardian Support Hours:

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9AM-5PM
Friday: 9AM-4PM


Non-Guardian Support Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 9AM-5PM *
Friday: 9AM-4PM *

* Fees Apply