Sage Microsystems, Inc. develops comprehensive software solutions for the express automotive services industry. Sage's point-of-sale software product is called QuickTouch. The sophistication and power of these products is largely due to our commitment to Microsoft and the Microsoft suite of products.

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The Sage software developers were under a mandate to utilize this graphical user interface (GUI) throughout the QuickTouch system and at the core of every feature added.

Whether employees are working on inventory maintenance, looking up cabin air replacement procedures, or checking oil light reset procedures, every screen is straightforward and intuitive.

Sage's unique Service Maintenance Schedule is an example of what is possible. This presentation, whether on screen or printed, is a powerful piece of marketing collateral. Built to resemble a diner menu, customers simply check 'Yes' or 'No' to request which manufacturer-recommended services they would like performed. It is a testament to the impact of the GUI and what is possible.

From the time this feature was deployed and our customers began handing this to their customers, they reported that sales jumped an average of $12 to $30 in most cases!

QuickTouch does all the calculations automatically. For each service, the color of the gauge is changed based on a combination of previous service history, current date, mileage, and the manufacturer recommendations. Converted service histories and manual service entries (services performed at a competitor's facility) are included in the calculations and color selection.

The Sage QuickTouch system has dozens of reports designed to help owners manage every aspect of their express business operations. QuickTouch reports include: customer-facing printed materials, sales detail and summaries, performance reports for services, employees, coupons, audit trails for most activities, and listings of customers, inventory, services, employees, fleets, and many more.

Through close working relationships with our customers, we have developed and continue to improve QuickTouch's suite of reports that combine information into meaningful management metrics. These cooperatively-built analytics provide deeper insights into what all this stored information can tell us. It makes it easy to adjust the business processes and parameters to improve the bottom line.

Sample Reports

Complete System

QuickTouch is not just a "pretty interface". It is a full-featured point-of-sale program that was designed with ongoing input from our customers to include all of the oil change operation's software requirements. With QuickTouch, our customers are able to:
· Use simple and fast customer processing screens
· Perform tasks designed around touch screens
· Move through easy-to-navigate menus
· Short learning curve for employees
· Able to process customers in under 15 minutes
· Save and reprint customer invoices starting on the day QuickTouch was installed
· Print colorful customer invoices on standard white laser paper
· Customize invoices to match store colors and include company logo

· Duplex print warranty information on the back of the white paper invoice
· View all parts and services spelled out in full - no confusing "service codes" to memorize
· Build creative services with the versatile service creator
· Build multiple customized checklists on services
· Enable line-item documentation on checklist items
· Offer discounted or free services through the Loyalty Rewards feature
· Set automatic inventory restock levels based on actual store usage
· Create and store inventory Purchase Orders for each vendor
· Post received Purchase Orders with the touch of a button
· Add inventory quickly and easily
· Utilize multiple cashier stations with multi-tills
· Open the day through a brief simple procedure
· Count the drawers and close the day with the touch of a few buttons
· Create different pricing structures for different fleet accounts
· Print professional fleet statements at the end of the month
· Print thank you and reminder cards on the laser printer (4-up stock)
· Export reminder cards to any one of the third-party printing companies
· Create profit centers for reporting
· Set employee security access based on individual needs
· Export to QuickBooks accounting interface
· Build custom security groups
· Track employee sales for commission purposes
· Track employee productivity
· Allow employees to clock in and clock out through the computer
· Allow employees to clock into specific profit center
· Edit employee time clocks and audit changes
· Scrutinize and manage through numerous activity audit trails
· Simplify system backups using USB flash drives

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