Sage Microsystems, Inc. develops comprehensive software solutions for the express automotive services industry. Sage's point-of-sale software product is called QuickTouch. The sophistication and power of these products is largely due to our commitment to Microsoft and the Microsoft suite of products.

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NexGen is a state-of-the-art, web central management system that makes all your store(s) information available to you from any Internet connection. You have access anytime, from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Simply type sagenexgen.com into your web browser and you will automatically be connected to your NexGen site. NexGen is powered by the Microsoft umbrella of SQL server and reporting applications.

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The standard QuickTouch equipment package includes a touch screen monitor and a cash drawer connected to a PC computer running Microsoft Windows. A Windows network is then set up using standard router to connect the PC to a black and white laser printer for reports, a color laser printer for the Service Maintenance Schedule sales printout and for customer invoices, and a printer for the windshield stickers.

Additional workstations can be added by running a network wire to the desired location in the bay and connecting a bay computer to the router. This joins everything together as a network. Every component is generic and can be substituted with any comparable plug-and-play alternative. Whether Sage supplies the hardware equipment or our customers purchase it locally, Sage technicians are available to assist with the equipment changes.