NexGen is a state-of-the-art, web central management system that makes all your store(s) information available to you from any Internet connection. You have access anytime, from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Simply type into your web browser and you will automatically be connected to your NexGen site. NexGen is powered by the Microsoft umbrella of SQL server and reporting applications.

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Comprehensive report library:

Every QuickTouch report that is available to you at the store is also available to you through NexGen. NexGen allows you to perform your management functions from a remote location. All store information, including customer invoices, can be viewed or printed from your remote Internet computer. Fleet statements and customer reminder cards can all be printed and managed through NexGen. However, NexGen also includes over 100 analysis reports that are not available from QuickTouch giving you a wealth of additional business management information.

Powerful reporting capabilities:

NexGen takes full advantage of Microsoft’s SQL suite of products including database mining, color graphs, comprehensive reporting through Microsoft Reporting Services and Sage’s exclusive ReportBuilder, spreadsheets, customer e-mail and many other built-in features. These give you the power to scrutinize the metrics, analytics and trends of your entire business and make informed decisions based on them.

All NexGen reports can be moved into Excel, to a PDF, into an XML file or one of many other formats. This allows our customers to ‘slice and dice’ the information using one of the Microsoft tools that they are most comfortable with.


Adding NexGen to your QuickTouch system provides:

• Access to your store’s information from any Internet connection, anywhere, anytime
• Access to all QuickTouch reports
• Over 100 additional business analysis, comparison and trend reports
• Simple data exports to Excel or other familiar applications
• Store maintenance functions automatically download to the store
    · Inventory
    · Services
    · Discounts
    · Coupons
    · Employees
    · Fleet Accounts
• Ability to print customer reminder cards remotely
• Flexible, secure user security access setup
• Automatic e-mailing of NexGen reports to user-defined e-mail addresses
• Multi-store support
    · Customer and Service History sharing         between stores
    · Shared A/R fleet accounting
    · Broadcast maintenance updates
    · Combined store reporting
• ReportBuilder – custom ad-hoc user report creator
• Interfaces to third-party companies for accounting, customer follow-up, marketing, fleet billing and more

Tight targeted security access:

The NexGen security access system allows you to choose who will have access and exactly what they will have access to. Your accountant can be given a user sign-on that they can use from their own office computer that only allows access to the store sales reports. Your parts vendors could be given access to the inventory and assistant managers could be given access to routine maintenance functions.
You can even allow your customers to have access to their personal service histories right from your web-site! Your Internet NexGen site has ALL the information; you decide who can see what.